Two-Tiered Justice is Injustice

The elite team of federal investigators and lawyers hand-picked by Robert Mueller to take on the sitting United States President, Donald J. Trump, and unearth alleged connections to the Kremlin, have found themselves in the crosshairs of the Justice Department. At least twenty-seven cell phones used by the Mueller Team have been miraculously wiped before the Department of Justice (DOJ) could review them as part of an ongoing investigation into the morally obtuse origins of the FBI’s investigation.

The investigation, based on an established set of lies, forgery, and corruption, purchased by the political opposition, and costing upwards of forty million in tax-payer dollars, crashed and burned with a report that essentially stated that Trump is not guilty—but also no exonerated. Former Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, was fired from his position for leaking information regarding the investigation to the media. James Comey was fired as Director of the FBI by the president as it was discovered he was politically compromised in his position and acting in his interest as evident by his unprecedented breaches in DOJ policy during his tenure. More recently an FBI lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, has pled guilty to falsifying documents critical to the basis of the Russia investigation. FBI agent Peter Strzok, one of the lead investigators within Mueller’s team, was fired from the FBI after horrifying text messages between himself and another FBI lawyer, Lisa Page (whom he was also having an extra-marital affair with), surfaced. These text messages included disparaging comments about Trump which undoubtedly showed a conflict of interest and promises not to let Trump get elected by way of an ‘insurance policy’. Although it is not yet determined to what extent this insurance policy would go, it is now believed that the farce Russia investigation would be the tool used to dismantle the Trump administration.

Due to the overwhelming evidence against the FBI of severe partisanship, corrupt practices which included forgery and deceit, and the unprecedented lack of due process during the course of the investigation, U.S. Attorney John Durham was selected to run an investigation into the origins and handling of the Russia probe.

News recently broke that before the DOJ could get to the Mueller team’s phones, twenty-seven cell phones used by the team were wiped clean of all data and the contents within. The excuse provided was that the wrong password was entered too many times so the phones automatically factory reset. Let me be clear, the explanation provided as to why twenty-seven cell phones were wiped prior to being reviewed in a criminal investigation into the possible soft-coup of a sitting U.S. president, was that the wrong password was entered too many time. The chances that all twenty-seven people wiped their phones, for whatever reason they may provide, as they were being criminally investigated, is virtually impossible. This development is earth-shattering and gives insight into the depth of corruption that is currently taking place at the highest level of western law enforcement.

No matter which news organization is covering the story, deleting twenty-seven phones that contain evidence in the midst of a criminal investigation can never be spun as a positive development. Concern arises when considering what this overtly corrupt act of deceit and criminal obstruction was attempting to conceal from an investigator’s curious eyes. The Russia investigation was based on a fallacy and garnered almost twenty-four-hour news coverage for two years, yet a story of incessant corruption and political weaponization by the most elite law enforcement agency in the world gets minimal exposure. The same type of occurrence transpired when it was revealed that Hillary Clinton and her associates destroyed cell phones with actual hammers and blunt force in addition to using bleach bit to wipe an email server before the contents could be exposed in a criminal inquiry.

There is no better example of a two-tiered justice system than when blatant criminal infringements are committed by important, political people, and accountability is not required simply because they have the status, connection, and privilege unavailable to the common man and woman. The fact remains that if any middle-class American were subject to a criminal investigation and took it upon themselves to destroy subpoenaed documents or any evidence, for that matter, that would or could yield evidence of a criminal offence, there is no doubt they would be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. The reality of accountability is what perpetuates a lawful society-- for there can be no order without law.

As more developments regarding these bold indiscretions on behalf of the most privileged and most corrupt among us unfold, all eyes turn to Attorney General William Barr who is faced with the ever important decision on how to proceed with these clearly politically corrupt elites in this unforgiving and hyper-politicized time. His decision at the conclusion of the Durham probe into the FBI will determine whether he is governed by the principles of blind justice he espouses, or if he is governed by the tenets of political expediency that upholds the two-tiered justice system.

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