Truth Never Damages a Cause That is Just

Standing for truth will earn you enemies. People who used to be friends will turn on you if your idea of what is right is not aligned with theirs. Context will be the friend of the truth-teller but will be faithfully obscured by their opposition. This is due to a hyper-sensitivity that plagues those who are overwhelmed by the truth and its crushing ability to bring the proud to their knees and demand a change of one’s position while only armed with a whisper upon the conscience of those who would indulge. Preconceived ideas are not synonymous to truth, and for some people that is a mountain too steep to overcome and a path too treacherous to travel.

The magnitude of the mainstream media’s influential power over the mind of the willing consumer, in concert with social media’s seductive appeal to self-promotion and the promulgation of one’s self-importance, has changed the character of the last and most current generation forever. The underlying fact is that people want to feel important, involved, and socially aware. I believe the term I am searching for is ‘Woke’. The level of wokeness one has is determined by how involved and vocal they are about social issues. The caveat is that these woke ideas only have one brand of thought, and any deviation from this train of thought means that you are insensitive, callus, ill informed, and all the vile ists and isms you can imagine.

When a high-profile incident, as defined and categorized by the mainstream news media, occurs, it is not the conscience, humanity, fact patterns or moral code that determines the response; instead, it’s the emotion that drives the reaction. Cultural leaders, athletes, and celebrities are used as lightning rods to validate the anger people are conditioned to have. No longer are details or context consequential to the reaction and processing of a tragic event; instead, the consumer and social media activists are taught to take everything at face value, weigh it in the balance of wokeness (What would Lebron James think?), make it relevant to their anger, and take part in a social media tirade that calls for the destruction of the institutions that have faithfully allowed and assisted us all to have a chance at prospering in the western world.

This self-righteousness and blatant refusal to view the world, an utterly wicked place, through a lens of objectivity, devoid of racial connotations, has forced the enlightened among us to double-down on fallacy. The incredible and utterly pathetic fact is that when I refer to fallacy I’m not referring to disputed issues of ideology or intangible philosophical matters—I’m referring to matters that can be verified through a simple observation of the researchable facts, again, devoid of racial (or other aggravating, bias-invoking factors) connotations.

Hyper-sensitivity is a form of insecurity. Whether that insecurity stems from a lack of faith, a lack of self-confidence, a lack of knowledge, or any lack for that matter, must be determined by each person. To be hyper-sensitive in such a crass, unfair, violent, gory, and destitute world is a recipe for mental illness. Despite this fact, the culture of political correctness and monolithic thought all play into what is destroying dialogue in the western world. Too often is resolve immediately abandoned when one devoted to the culture views or hears something that challenges the mainstream narrative. This is the systematic deconstructing of intellectual honesty and freedom of thought.

Nevertheless, everything begins to make sense when we begin to pay attention. When we stumble upon an independent news website that shows that over 60 missing children who were victims in prolific child sex trafficking rings have been rescued by U.S. Marshals and the mainstream media is silent, you begin to pay attention to the response from the otherwise vocal social media activists. Silence. But things change when a criminal who has beaten his baby’s mother and has a warrant for sexual assault, the forceful and violent taking of one’s sexual dignity (#MeToo), is confronted by police, fights police, refuses to listen to lawful commands from police, and is shot while getting into a vehicle full of kids armed with a knife. When rioters destroy cities, loot businesses, and murder more black people than have been shot unarmed by police in a year, and the mainstream media is silent, you being to pay attention to the response from the otherwise vocal social media activists. Silence. But things change when a young man who is active in his community chooses to defend property and life from those who have burned, destroyed, and pilfered for months. Things change when this young man, chased and violently assaulted by convicted felons and rioters in contravention of federal law, dispatches two of his attackers and injures one who pointed a firearm at him.

Truth is a force of nature and those who traffic in lies, deceit and willful blindness are petrified by the moral might of those who unapologetically declare it. These self-proclaimed enlightened few believe they are awake but in truth they are in a state of perpetual and ideological sleep. Lucidity is obtained when we discover that victimhood has no color when considering the magnitude and history of humanity. Lucidity is obtained when we come to the understanding that when All Lives Matter, Black Lives are included. Lucidity is obtained when we understand that those who most desire the hindrance of law enforcement in modern society are those who want to exploit the weak and defenseless. Finally, lucidity is obtained when we realize that Truth never damages a cause that is just.

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