Transparency is ALWAYS Good

The largest story of the last four years has been released, yet there is utter silence from the establishment media. Why? Because the bare, unredacted, and unadulterated truth about how the Russian investigation originated grossly indicts the media, the Obama administration, leadership of American intelligence agencies, and the brass of America’s most elite law enforcement agency as, collectively, a politically corrupt and treasonous cabal.

President Trump authorized the ‘total declassification’ of all documents pertaining to the probe into Robert Mueller’s Russia Collusion investigation into his administration as well as documents pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s notorious email scandal. This news comes after the new Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, declassified documents that showed former CIA Director John Brennan had briefed former President Barrack Obama on then nominee, Hillary Clinton’s, plan to stir up the fake Russia conspiracy against Trump in order to distract from her email scandal.

Any question as to what Obama knew and when has now been unequivocally answered. Despite his attempts to act as a disconnected and unaware party, the declassification of this information is absolute devastating to the Democrat party. All of the congressmen and senators who defended Mueller’s work as righteous are exposed as either grossly incompetent and lacking all forms of discernment or willfully corrupt and deeply involved in a soft-coup against the sitting and duly-elected American president.

President Trump and A.G. Barr were privy to all this information which begs the question why Barr has not acted swiftly and decisively to hold the key players to account. They say that justice delayed is justice denied—well, for four years justice has been both. Barr appears to be concerned with the optics of ‘playing politics’ by releasing any information regarding John Durham’s investigation, but at what cost? There is blatant evidence that there is a not-so-secret society of conspirators who will circumvent any form of process and legal boundary to dismantle democracy and empower themselves. Being accused of ‘playing politics’ by rightfully and lawfully holding corrupt government officials criminally accountable is a small price to pay.

President Trump took things into his own hands by declassifying these documents for all the world to see. This is a display of true transparency that half the country is unable to perceive due to a deeply ingrained, conditioned animus towards anything pertaining to Donald Trump. Many will follow the talking points of the mainstream media that state declassifying the documents was irresponsible and a threat to national security. Without bothering to review the damning documents, many will find a way to castigate the president for this act of bravery because it removes the safety net of lies that has made up the foundation of their political perceptions.

The story of King Solomon and the two mothers come to mind. One woman’s baby died so she stole the other woman’s baby while she slept. Both came before the king after there was a dispute over who the true mother of the child was. Solomon looked at both women and ordered the baby be cut in half so both could have the child. One woman was satisfied with the ruling, but the other shrieked in pain and devastation. Solomon had just determined the true mother.

Sometimes the truth is determined through action. No matter how much the media tries to distract from the facts of what transpired within this bona fide criminal syndicate, full of law enforcement officials and politicians, we must be able to see through the political theatrics. This requires ridding ourselves of the cataracts of our ill-informed presuppositions, and then trusting that the truth is not only a set of discernible facts, but a force of nature.

I leave you with this truth: When it comes to the dealings between Government and Citizen—transparency is always good.

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