In The 11th Hour: My Prediction for the 2020 Presidential Election

The Democrats have something HUGE planned for the 11th hour. Find out what I predict will happen in the coming year.

We all have our own beliefs as to how the 2020 election cycle will play out. Some of us are informed by the fluctuating and varying polls that are constantly referred to by news organizations and the president himself. Some of us have been following the trends and patterns over the past three years to inform our predictions for the upcoming election. Others of us subscribe to the narratives we are given by our favorite late-night television hosts or news anchors who proselytize to us how we should think and who we should vote for. I want to briefly share with you my predictions on how the 2020 election cycle will unravel.

I’m not a fan of drawn out suspense, so let’s get to the point. In the 11th hour of the 2020 presidential election, the Democrats will move forward with impeachment in the House and Hillary Clinton will re-emerge as the Democrat front-runner—using the prospect of a Michelle Obama Vice President ticket to boost her desirability among the Left.

Now let’s deconstruct this prediction. It is important to know that Nancy Pelosi’s decision to begin an impeachment inquiry into the president based on the recent whistleblower is no accident. It was not the Squad’s constant pressure on Democrat leadership to move forward with impeachment or Congressman Al Green’s pitiful and failed attempts to bring forth articles of impeachment that finally pushed Pelosi over the edge. It wasn’t even Congresswoman Rasida Tlaib’s expletive outburst to ‘impeach the mother—ker. Impeachment was always the insurance policy. And each scandal the Democrats desperately tried to create and uncover throughout the Trump presidency have been an exercise in force multiplication—hoping that one, if not all, allegations would stick and sink the president.

Timing is everything and Pelosi knows it. If Pelosi is anything at all, she is experienced. Doing 43 years in politics will teach you a thing or two about the importance of timing and public perception. The Ukraine phone call that we are to believe began the push for impeachment is nothing but a decoy used to incite a sense of urgency lest we allow for the ‘Destruction of Democracy’ under the current administration. Having a cooperative and equally complicit media machine helps perpetuate the hysteria. What we should also be considering is the fact that Pelosi is unwilling to put her money where her mouth is. She refuses to put a vote on the House floor regarding the authorization of an impeachment inquiry because she is well aware she does not have the votes. Not only that, but she will harm the chances of particular democrats currently in swing states hoping for election/re-election. It also puts Republican’s in Name Only (RINOs) on the record which would further expose their political motives. Political accountability is what the Democrats fear. They move in the shadows, blocking their motives from the public and Republican’s alike hoping to garner enough support for their cause.

Can’t Escape the Hillary Factor

On November 12, 2017 I was in discussion with my closest friend and stated to him, for the record, that ‘Michelle Obama will run in 2020.’ On November 14, 2018 I posted a photo with Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama on my Instagram page, @TheObjectivePodcast, with the caption:

“This could be the combo the democrats will use to try dethrone the Trump Presidency. If their attempts to impeach him with their newfound power in the House fails, this could be it.”

Both Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama have publicly stated they would not seek a 2020 bid at the presidency; however, Hillary Clinton has been making recent comments flirting with the idea. On October 15, 2019 Fox News had a poll stating that, New Hampshire poll suggests Michelle Obama would enter race as front-runner.

In my opinion, it would not be wise to run Michelle Obama as the front-runner due to her inexperience; however, I believe the Democrats will use her popularity as the beloved Barack Obama’s wife to galvanize the party around Hillary Clinton after a promise to make the former first lady Hillary’s Vice President. This is the absolute best chance the Democrats have to take on President Donald Trump. The current pool of politicians fighting for the candidacy are, quite frankly, weak, with no charisma, with corrupt reputations, and possessing no leadership qualities. The public will not be happy to hear Clinton is back in business, however; the prospect of a Michelle Obama partnership will no doubt soften the blow.

The inevitable House vote for impeachment will be used in concert with the explosive news of Clinton re-emerging into the political arena with Michelle Obama by her side. Timing, again, is everything. Clinton cannot enter the race too early lest the focus shift to her corruption and crimes, which would undermine their consistent pressure campaign against the president. She will have to enter the race at absolutely the last minute of the 11th hour. The inevitable hysteria, on both sides, that will transpire as a result of an impeachment vote will provide just enough media concealment for Hillary to make it to the debates untouched by overt scrutiny. Also, an impeachment vote cannot be pursued too early because the lack of support and willingness to take political accountability will undermine the entire proposal.

Although I have outlined my predictions for the contents of the Democrat playbook and insurance policy, I unapologetically predict that President Trump will effortlessly win a second term. Given his fulfilled promises to the American people, his tireless devotion to American interests, and seemingly supernatural ability to withstand the wiles of his opposition and their media-activists, the momentum that President Trump has summoned continues to organically inspire his base. The flow of information is more tightly controlled, the outspoken who support the president are silenced, and a synthetic movement against his presidency is granted carte blanche. Despite this reality and despite the odds stacked against the voice of the sovereign, a second Trump presidency will not only further destroy the credibility of Democrat leadership, it will further expose their attempts at a soft coup that they continue to disguise as being in the best interest of Americans.

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