Freedom To Be Wrong

If the United States of America was ever confronted with a total war scenario against any foreign power, I would wager that, as bloody and short as the war would be, America would be declared victor. Ironically the same was once said of Rome. Despite Rome’s power, acumen, and global influence, its greatness and grandeur are no more. Rome was not destroyed from an external force beyond its borders; instead, Rome was compromised from within. America faces a similar fate. With the rise of ethno-nationalism on the right and anarchism on the left, the most dangerous place to be in America is in the middle.

President Trump was elected as the President of the United States for many reasons. One of them being the majority of American’s, those who work hard to provide for their families and make it through uncertain economic times, felt they had been forgotten by the Democrats. The ‘Yes We Can’ era had expired in their minds and was epitomized by empty promises, a weak economy, and a shriveling position on the global stage. American businesses fled the United States for low labor costs in Mexico and Asia due to the overwhelming red tape and incentive-killers that characterized Barack Obama’s domestic economic policy. America had been sold out to the highest bidder. Nationalism and American pride swapped out for globalism and the pursuit of socialist policies. American lifetime politicians became exorbitantly rich on a public servant’s salary in a way that would make even the most genius mathematician’s head spin. A Trump Presidency would shake things up.

The Trump Administration’s foreign and domestic policy remained the same from campaign to election: America first. Businesses returned as speedily as they had left as Trump systematically shred the Obama-era regulations and red tape. One of his executive orders mandated that for each regulation federal agencies created, two regulations had to be retracted. The economy surged. Since taking office the Dow Jones has jumped for 18,000 to over 28,000 points. That’s over a 9,000 point increase within his first four years in office compared to Obama’s 2,000 point increase in his first term and 6,000 point increase in his second for a total of 8,000 points in eight years.

Black, Asian, and Hispanic unemployment numbers have shriveled and religious group’s right to worship have been affirmed and reinforced under the Trump administration. The pundits may regularly lie, but the numbers don’t.

The Trump era has not been the bearer of all good things however. Much has occurred under his administration, but bipartisan unity is not one of them. It is under this Administration that the opposition circumvents precedent and operates in the shadows in hopes of convincing the American people that he should be removed from office less than a year before the 2020 election. Despite what may be said about the Democrats, it should not be taken lightly that they operate in one accord and of one mind. They overtly castigate the president in unison but remain equally silent when one of their own is accused of unethical behavior and wrongdoing.

In contrast, on the Right, discord grows. In the midst of the chaos is a movement that fraudulently claims to advocate for President Trump’s America First platform. This movement is headed by Nicholas J. Fuentes—a twenty-one-year-old provocateur and advocate for an ethno-state. Followers of the movement call themselves ‘Groypers’ – the equivalent of radical leftist intellectuals who use cheap rhetoric, ad hominem attacks, and have no intention of having meaningful conversation. Simply put, they are right-wing social justice warriors. The use ‘America’ as synonymous with ‘White’ and ‘First’ as synonymous with ‘Supremacy.’ Nice try, boys.

The faux America First movement claims to be made up of white, Christian, self-proclaimed real conservatives who are against all immigration, for white dominance, and believe it is their role to re-establish a theocracy in America. As a Christian with extensive knowledge of the bible, a conservative, and a minority born to immigrant parents—I took issue with that. I spoke out against Fuentes’ racially-charged rhetoric in a segment of my latest podcast, going as far as calling his ideology ‘immoral,’ and was met with the rage of his most ardent disciples. Some were decent to converse with; however, most took part in ad hominem attacks against me—reminding me of the radical leftists I normally debate issues with. My conviction against the movement was only bolstered and reinforced with each comment attempting to defend their leader by sacrificing any precept advocating for unity. They fought against common sense that we are all created equal and that our worth comes not from the color of our skin, but from the content of our character. They defended Fuentes stating that interracial intercourse is ‘degenerate.’ They blamed immigrants for the downfall and transformation of America; but forgot to blame the white legislators who opened the doors. Their rebuttal? The Jews are behind it all.

“Thinking themselves wise, they became fools.” Romans 1:22.

These pseudo-Christian, ethno-nationalists are as blind as their cohorts on the left. Adherence to American values are not determined by color, race, sex, or intelligence quotient. American values come from history, experience, and the acknowledgement of the Judaeo-Christian roots that stand at the foundation of this great experiment called America. America’s global hegemony can be attributed to these American values. These values did not come from a magical void or spring out of nowhere; instead, they were ingrained into its citizens through a painful, yet rewarding process called history. Although American history is filled with tragedy, it’s filled with triumph. Although it may be littered with victims, it has created many paths well-traveled towards personal growth and victory. Although the history books are filled with atrocities, it is also filled with heroes who stood in the gap and gave the ultimate sacrifice to fight against tyrants who would try to encroach the inalienable rights and freedoms guaranteed to even the lowliest citizen.

The greatest characteristic of American society also seems to be its biggest threat: Freedom. Freedom to speak, freedom to defend yourself and your family, freedom to prosper and flourish, and freedom to worship are few of the freedoms afforded Americans. Unfortunately the cost of freedom is oftentimes blood. Blood spilled not only on the battlefield defending American interests abroad, but also blood spilled domestically at the hand of murderers, radicals, and the mentally ill. Freedom of speech is routinely used to promote division and tribalism. In the age of social media, anyone with an internet connection and a microphone can disseminate hatred, vitriol, and ignorance. Freedom to worship has allowed for covert extremist breeding grounds to flourish in America, Europe and Canada under the guise of peaceful religions and ideology. Freedom is, without a doubt, a double-edged sword.

Despite those who exploit freedom to promote their right to be wrong, immoral, and inept, it is our duty to ensure they maintain those rights. That duty will ensure that we have the right to defend ourselves from the inevitable tyranny and authoritarianism that quickly approaches our position. That duty will ensure that we have the right to think independently and freely express ourselves. History is a story of blood, death, and hatred—but it’s also a story of perseverance, independence, and resilience. I pray we continue to fight the former with the latter, and not the latter with the former.

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