A Warning to My American Friends...

To my American friends,

On March 6, 2009 Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton uttered the words, “Never waste a good crisis.” On May 1, 2020 Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau acted upon those words. The Prime Minister used the cover of the Covid-19 pandemic and the emotions of the most recent mass shooting in Nova Scotia to unleash a tyrannical, undemocratic, and unilateral ban on ‘assault-style’ firearms.

I am currently reading ‘Crisis and Leviathan’ by Robert Higgs. In the book he discusses the episodic, rather than natural, growth of the western government. These episodes refer to moments of crisis and it should be noted that it is no coincidence that governmental growth coincides with episodes of crisis. The media and politicians sensationalize and politicize tragic events for reasons that benefit themselves. Politicians traffic in moments of fear to seize upon liberties of the people. And far too often the people are far too willing to surrender these rights for just a little more pseudo-security.

Trudeau’s decision to ban these firearms was not spontaneous; instead, it was tactical and pre-meditated. He made his announcement in the midst of pandemic coverage to use the chaos as cover from castigation and deserved criticism. He used emotion instead of fact patterns to justify his authoritarian scheme. He circumvented the democratic process by utilizing the equivalent to a wartime measure that grants him dictatorial-type power to shove unconstitutional laws into place. These laws would readily turn a law-abiding gun owner into a criminal before holding violent criminals, who have no regard for the law, accountable. Instead of stiffening the penalties of criminals who commit violent crimes with firearms, he disarms lawful citizens who utilize gun safety and responsible gun ownership.

I implore my American friends to hold fast. I am reminded time and time again that the Constitution, although old in age, is a rock and solid foundation. It was built to sustain and defend America from tyrannical rule that would unfortunately and eventually come. Do not forget the nature of tyranny. Do not be naïve to believe that it comes in one form. It is adaptive, flexible, and malleable, yet unbending in its oppression. It encroaches slowly, steadily, with its back arched and head hovering low waiting to pounce. Do not mistake the glimmer of light from its sharp, jagged teeth as a smile—for it is not your friend.

In the midst of crisis, real or perceived, do not yield what is rightfully yours, because advocates for governmental omnipotence follow closely behind—waiting, watching, and ready to seize upon a good crisis.

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