A Republic, If You Can Keep It

What an absolute disaster the 2020 United States presidential election is turning out to be. But the disaster does not stem from who the media has projected the victor to be, it stems from evidence that suggests the Democrat party, in tandem with the mockingbird media, unified in a massive effort to undermine western democracy as we know it.

After the 2016 presidential election I was always baffled at how bold the media would be with their coverage of the Trump administration. Not a modicum of humility was apparent even after they and their pollsters absolutely, for lack of better words, defecated the bed despite their educated predictions based on their suppression polls and partisan talking heads. Some polls had Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning over ninety percent and Donald Trump’s chance of winning at merely one percent. Upon Trump’s overwhelming landslide victory with over 300 electoral votes, the media did the unthinkable. They did not yield and eat the crow platter that was laid out before them. No. Instead, they doubled down on their anti-trump dogma.

This brings us to the emergence of the Russia hoax scandal bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign and referred to as the ‘Insurance policy’ by FBI Agent Peter Strzok in declassified private text messages to his extramarital lover, Lisa Page. The Russia hoax, as unsubstantiated and salacious as it was, was exactly what the media needed to explain their absolute failure in predicting how the 2016 election would turn out. They weren’t utterly and totally wrong; instead, it was those pesky Russians who cheated for Trump. With the hoax’s 24/7 coverage, it effectively loomed as a shadow over the Trump administration and overtook many of the truly incredible successes he was responsible for. Elite members of the intelligence community and the premier law enforcement agency in the world, the FBI, in attempts to validate the hoax, defended the inquiry and partook in the embarrassing conspiracy theory as a matter of necessity because they were all discovered to be implicated in what appeared to be a soft coup. For two and a half years the investigation carried on and ended in what can only be described as a dumpster fire. Robert Mueller, the Left’s pseudo-savior who was supposed to be the man to take Trump down, looked like an incompetent, decrepit fool as he struggled to answer questions and justify his actions in a Congressional Hearing over ‘his’ report.

In a last-ditch effort to cash in on their insurance policy, the Democrats seized the opportunity to impeach the president by accusing him of a quid pro quo in relation to a recorded conversation President Trump had with the Ukrainian president. Trump released the transcript of the call which caught the Democrats off-guard and the American public were able to see that, like the Russia hoax, there was no there there. During this time the media, doing their best to make a mountain out of an ant hill, completely ignored resurfaced video of Joe Biden admitting to bona fide quid pro quo by stating he would not release billions in loan guarantees to Ukraine if they didn’t fire a prosecutor looking into corruption within Burisma Holdings-- a company where Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, sat on the board and received a lucrative salary for doing not a damn thing. The Democrats attempted to impeach based on the call but, as expected, their effort fell flat in the Republican majority Senate.

As the 2020 election approached, the media, Fox News included, restarted their 2016 tactics by flooding their headlines with suppression polls putting Biden ahead of Trump by several points. The coronavirus was used as a political weapon and the media and democrats alike asininely faulted the president for every American that died as a result of the virus. President Trump had hundreds of thousands of people attending his energetic campaign rallies while Joe Biden remained in the basement of his home. Biden’s continuous and embarrassing gaffes made one question whether the Democrats were engaging in elder abuse by putting this confused man at the forefront of their party. The media only asked Biden soft-ball questions and didn’t hold him or his record into account. Whenever a reporter did question his son’s shady dealing in Ukraine or China or conflicts with his proposed policy, he would lash out at them and dodge the question—the reporter would fall back in line like the cowards the fourth estate have become.

The media continued confidently advocating for the legitimacy of their polls despite their embarrassing failures in the previous election. Why? It is because they knew something that most Americans did not. The election they were about to cover was fixed.

Using the virus as justification for the unprecedented large-scale use of mail-in-ballots was genius. Under the guise of being in support of ‘counting every vote’ Democrat operatives would, through coordinated effort, flood the ballot counting centers with fraudulent and post-dated ballots. Hundreds of videos expose this effort and hundreds of witnesses have made themselves available for the legal battle that is about to ensue. Project Veritas’s investigative journalism techniques have brought to light whistleblowers who have firsthand experiences with this massive, treacherous effort to steal the election. On election night when President Trump was lined up to win several key battleground states that would guarantee his victory, the dubious decision was made to stop the count. Overnight, hundreds of thousands of mysterious ballots for Joe Biden were tallied which caused a virtually impossible vertical line in the graph depicting how votes came in for either candidate. Poll watchers were stopped from fulfilling their constitutional duty as Democrat operatives barred them from observing the counting of ballots. Why?

The mockingbird media projected Joe Biden the 46th president of the United States despite the several legal filings on behalf of the Trump administration that point out serious and unprecedented evidence of wide-scale voter fraud. The media expects the world to believe that Joe Biden, a man who spent several decades in politics and accomplished nothing except for policy that hurt the black community, had accrued more votes than any president in American history. The media fails to ask questions about the mounting evidence of voter fraud lest they give credibility to an issue that would benefit the incumbent president. The masses that loathe the president and don’t believe he deserves the office plug their ears and close their eyes lest they see something that brings their blind hatred for the president into account.

This is no longer an issue about whom the victor is; instead, it is an issue of democracy itself. This is not about policy, filling the courts, a legislative agenda, or the direction America will go on green energy; instead, this is about The People having a say in who their elected leader will be.

When Benjamin Franklin exited the Constitutional Convention he was approached by a group of people who asked what sort of government they had created. Franklin responded with a sense of prescient wisdom, ‘A republic, if you can keep it’. What we have witnessed since the beginning of American independence is a self-fulfilling prophecy of the dismantling of the American democratic republic. The destruction of this republic is not a matter of if but a matter of when. Whatever may come from this election will not change the impending fate of America--but it may delay it.

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