Who Am I?

I was born and raised in Canada by immigrant parents who have instilled in me virtue, character, and a proper moral compass. I studied Theology at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan, USA, and currently work in the public sector.

I am passionate about politics and current events in the West and how they shape the world at large. I have noticed a growing epidemic of tribalism and group-think among all groups of people and actively wage intellectual war against mental slavery.


I started an independent podcast (The Objective Podcast) in 2016 and was later invited to contribute content to Political Storm-- an American Conservative website. Since then I have written numerous articles and uploaded two seasons of content online.

I am an advocate for intellectual honesty, freedom of speech and thought, and a fervent proponent of personal research and reading. I see myself as an eternal student to the vastness of history. I am on a journey for understanding that I never expect to complete... and I'm okay with that.

Join me.

I hope that your visit to The Objective impacts you positively.

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